As I started developing on webOS, all of the applications below are available on this platform. If you've never heard of webOS, don't worry, you're not alone. Billed as a game changer, it quickly faded from public view, when HP killed it off, which for me was a shame as it had a raft of features that you now take for granted on your phones. Swipe to close? Cards? Yeah, those were originally webOS.
Available on the HP Touchpad. Get things done quicker and better with TaskMasterHD.

Using the original TaskMaster app available on the phones, TaskMasterHD was built from the ground up using the enyo framework. What has been built is a Task Manager app for your Touchpad that will serve your task requirements. Utilising the standard left to right viewing, your tasks can be grouped into lists and filtered, searched, ordered how so see fit. You can even print out lists and individual tasks (as long as you have a printer wirelessly connected to your Touchpad), or even email them.

Available on the Pre. A dedicated TaskMaster application for the phone.

Let's be honest, the original task app on the Pre wasn't the best of apps. Simple would be the best way to describe it. Now, you can keep a better grip on your GTD lists with TaskMaster.

TaskMaster gives you the functionality required for a task app, with simple interactivity to allow you to update status, details with minimal taps of the device.

On the Pre & HP.

Based on the classic board game Othello, Infection is a game for 2-4 players.

Any number of these can be human or computer controlled and there are 2 skill levels for the computer players. Taking it in turns, the object is to eliminate your opponents by infecting their cells to your colour, until there is only one player left or the board is full. Movement is done by selecting any of your cells and splitting to an adjacent cell or jumping 2 spaces. When you land, any adjacent cells will be infected with your colour.

Fully inclusive of computer players.

Ever keep sending the same collection of messages to the same sets of people?

Organise your most common messages and recipient numbers to send them with a few taps of the Pre, with no need to open the keyboard.

Quick Message allows you to define a small collection of people or groups from your address book, combined with a collection of messages to quickly send common messages out. Define how large each list is to be, from between 5 to 15 users, groups and messages. Add users straight from your contact list and maintain the mini lists how you choose. Deleting from the mini list does not delete your contact. If you don't like the order, both the message list and the user list can be changed.