Getting Started
Infection is a board game based around Othello, for 2-4 players.

Any number of these can be either human or computer controlled.

The object of the game is to either eliminate all opponents, or gain the largest number of cells if the board fills.

All of the game options are set on the title page.
Who can play?
The game is played with 2-4 players.

Tap to select the level (human, computer 1, computer 2, not playing).
If you try to play with less than 2, then the game will not allow you to.
The board can be adapted with 'blocks', and 'infection pads' can be included, which are explained later.
Playing the game - Let's play! Selecting
When it's your turn to play, the infoboard will say at the top. Select the cell you want to use, and it will be highlighted.

If you've selected the wrong cell, then simply select another cell.

Moving - Splitting
Once selected, you can either split (create a new cell) in any empty adjacent square.

Drag the cell the empty square to split to this location.

Moving - Jumping
You also have the option of jumping 2 squares instead of splitting, horizontally, vertically or diagonal. Doing this will leave a space where you started though.
Landed - Infecting
When you land, any adjacent square which is occupied by an opponent will be infected to your colour.

In the example left, purple has just landed, and all adjacent cells become purple (highlighted in a lighter colour).
Can't Move? - Passing
If you are unable to move, then you must pass. Tap the "pass" button on the info board.

You can only pass once per game. If you pass more than once, you'll be out and all your cells will disappear.
The infoboard shows each of the players scores and the numbers of passes.
  1. Information banner
  2. Pass Button
  3. Score for red & [Passes]
  4. Blue, Green and Purple scores
Other info - Anything Else?
One more thing - Infection Pads. If you play with these on the board they infect differently when you land on them.

When you land on these, rather than infect all adjacent cells, anything horizontally and vertically will be infected.
Classic v Chaos
Fancy a quick game? Then go for the 'chaos' version.
  • Chaos Infection is not a turn based, keep going... and going.
  • You get points per infection, the highest score wins, not the most cells on a board.
  • Pads also act as multipliers - x2, x4, x8....
  • It's a single player only, but like 'Classic' you can decide who to play and the CPU's