Now available on HP smartphones

The original task app on the Pre wasn't the best of apps, so TaskMaster was my attempt at getting better grip on your GTD lists.

TaskMaster gives you the functionality required for a task app, with simple interactivity to allow you to update status, details with minimal taps of the device.


  • Improves on the standard task app giving a more interactive experience.
  • Show your tasks by a daily, weekly, monthly, or tasklist views.
  • Display all tasks order by the level of due date - Overdue, Due today, Due another day, and no due date.
  • QuickStatus allows you to change the status of tasks without editing.
  • QuickComplete sets task as complete with a couple of taps.
  • Set due dates and reminder times for tasks.
  • Arrange tasks into organised user defined lists.
  • Categorise your tasks as you see fit for better visualisation.
  • Send tasks via SMS and email.
  • User defined due date check. Check first thing in the morning, last thing at night, or whatever hour you want.
  • Choice of backswipe control. Back swipe to Save or Cancel - your choice.

Future Features which I wanted to add, but never got around to

  • ToodleDo Support. Sync tasks with ToodleDo.
  • Google Tasks Support. Sync tasks with Google tasks.
  • Dependent tasks. Cannot start a task until the dependent task is complete.
  • Costings. Make notes on the costing of a task.
  • Media link. Links tasks to photos, video, URL's and music.
  • Recurring tasks. Set a reminder for a task on a regular interval, either fixed or user defined.
  • Task reminders by location.