Available on HP Touchpad

Coming for other platforms

Using the original TaskMaster app available on the phones, TaskMasterHD was built from the ground up using the enyo framework. What has been built is a Task Manager app for your Touchpad that will serve your task requirements. Utilising the standard left to right viewing, your tasks can be grouped into lists and filtered, searched, ordered how so see fit. You can even print out lists and individual tasks (as long as you have a printer wirelessly connected to your Touchpad), or even email them.


  • Improves on the standard task app giving a more interactive experience.
  • Show your tasks by task list, due date or status views.
  • QuickStatus allows you to change the status of tasks without editing.
  • Set due dates and reminder times for tasks.
  • Recurring tasks. Set a reminder for a task on a regular interval, either fixed or user defined.
  • Arrange tasks into organised user defined lists.
  • Categorise your tasks as you see fit for better visualisation.
  • Send tasks and lists via email.
  • Print tasks and lists.
  • User defined due date check. Check first thing in the morning, last thing at night, or whatever hour you want.
  • Budget control. Assign a budget to a list, and each task can be assigned individual costs.
  • Lists and tasks can be assigned owners straight from your contact list.
  • Backup and Restore. Backup your task data (email it elsewhere if you like), and restore from the device.
  • Colour themes.

Future Features which we're looking to add

  • ToodleDo Support. Sync tasks with ToodleDo.
  • Google Tasks Support. Sync tasks with Google tasks.
  • Dependent tasks. Cannot start a task until the dependent task is complete.
  • Media link. Links tasks to photos, video, URL's and music.
  • Task reminders by location.

To download TaskMasterHD, click here

For support and info, email Taskmaster Support

Built using enyo 1.0


Curious about TaskMasterHD? Try it out online and get a feel for how easy it is to use.

What's not here?

Well, as it's an online trial on a public facing website, your data isn't saved when you leave the site. You can't set reminders, and fire due dates, backup, print or email your data out.

There's a button in the bottom left of the lists to replace the down swipe of the system menu.

Other that that... it's pretty much all there.