Work In Progress

As we go through the game development lifecycle, there are invariably projects that cannot be completed due to one reason or another. For example, you start of with a great idea, but when it comes to the physical implementation, it doesn't go anywhere - there's no way of taking to the next stage.

A lot of these ideas are ok in their own right, but I just couldn't do anything with them. Why let them go to waste? So I'm going through my older development projects that never saw the light of day and am throwing them up here. If anyone feels like they can do something further with it, then be my guest. I'd be interested in seeing the finished product. Who knows? Maybe you can add that missing spark.

Spin World

This started life because I was curious with Phasers rotation capabilities. Not only can you rotate sprites as you would expect, you can also rotate the whole world if you so desire. Hold on! There's a game in there somewhere.
So I built Spinworld, where you control a bouncing ball in a castle (it's a closed world you see), where the objective was to rotate the world to allow you to collect keys to leave. Areas that are off limits can be reached if the world is rotated by bouncing onto the arrowed sections.
Except, that's it. As much as I wanted to add enemies, there seemed no logical way to implement or add these.

Cursor keys to move, and spacebar to bounce.

Plays on desktop browsers only.

See for yourself